We have a range of pool accessories that can be used to enhance your pool and its surroundings. We can also make your life easier with hassle free cleaning systems.

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Water Features

We can create a range of landscaping and water features around your home and pool such as:

  • Fountains
  • Cabanas / Gazebos / Shade Structures
  • Statues / Rock
  • Waterfalls
  • Ponds


Our range of spa pool covers, swimming pool covers and rollers are designed for the harsh New Zealand outdoor environment, protecting your pool or spa from UV light, rain, wind, storms as well as leaves and animals.

Infloor Cleaning Systems

An infloor cleaning system involves a series of pop up sweeping heads that push debris to the deep end of the pool where it is removed by a specialized drain. From this point the debris is carried to a container that has a large basket which traps large debris and the fine particles go into the pool filter. The basket is cleaned much like a skimmer would be and the filter is cleaned by backwashing or cleaning the cartridges.  The pop up sweeping heads operate much like a lawn sprinkler head; working in zones to sweep the pool from shallow to deep.

Automatic Doses

Automatic dosing of chemicals gives clean and clear water in the pool. With automatic dosing the water quality of your pool is continuously monitored and a suitable dose of chemicals is dispensed, leading to better profitability since the need for expensive chemicals is reduced.

Pool Lighting

Pool lighting transforms an ordinary swimming pool into something wonderful.

Our pool lighting range is not just limited to new swimming pools, we can even re-fit and replace your tired halogen pool lights with the latest in LED technology and instantly transform your swimming pool.

Multi-colour LED pool lights can either be set to your choice of single colour, slow of fast colour changing patterns with the flick of a light switch.